Thursday, 30 June 2016

SEO Lancashire: My Best Services

My name is Billy Craig and I’m the guy behind Billy SEO offering the best SEO services in Lancashire. My SEO strategy is based on data and years of experience. There is no guessing. Everything that I do invovles research and is backed up by my in-depth understanding of the search engine algorithms.

SEO is the way I make a living and my biggest passion (I also love running!).

Here in Lancashire, I help different clients to achieve their SEO goals which include:

  • getting more traffic
  • getting more organic conversions
  • generating more sales
  • getting more leads
  • increasing profits and revenue
  • decreasing bounce rate
  • improving site’s infrastructure
  • and much more…

I’m a dedicated professional who worked for various SEO agencies and knows that the best thing a business can do is avoid them. SEO agencies are focused on making as much profit as possible. They want to get clients in bulk, without really focusing on their business.

I’m a freelancer, I don’t have stuff to pay or expensive office or rent. I can charge less and be more devoted to your business. If you’re after high quality seo service, please visit my website. You can also have a look my additional SEO services here. Regarding the prices, please see this page.

Billy Craig

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