Friday, 17 June 2016

Learn more about SEO Prices

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Let’s get an overview of something that every SEO client wants to know as soon as possible. Namely the price of the SEO service. For SEO Lancashire service please go to the link.
The price of the SEO service will depend on the amount of exposure you want to get as well as the competition for your target keywords. A law firm in Lancashire will need to invest a lot more money than a local fencing service. But then again, there is a lot more competition fighting for the law-related firms than there is for keywords like fencing Lancashire. Another thing that is important to consider is the value of the lead. One lead for a solicitor will make a lot more profit than a fencing gig.
This is a short overview page that will help you understand the pricing, so let’s talk business:
The absolute minimum for an SEO campaign is £200 a month. This is only possible if you work with a freelancer. If you go with an SEO agency their fee is usually much higher and it doesn’t mean they’ll get you better results. They just have more costs to cover like big office in the city centre etc. This increases the perceived value of the service but in reality, most agencies can’t deliver the promised SEO service.
The average SEO cost is £300-1000. This is the case for most of the campaigns that target local and small to medium national keywords. In most of the case, this budget will be enough for us to rank you for your desired keywords.
The last category are SEO campaigns above £1000 price tag. This is the case if you’re after some serious keywords or a lot of them. If you wan to target 100 keywords, even if they’re not competitive, you have to be prepared to spend more money since there is an increased cost for use for each keyword we target. Before you decide to get the service, have a look at things to know before investing in SEO.

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